Once upon a time

There was a little girl who didn't know the answer to a very big question. As she grew older, she would ask herself this question again and again. Year after year, she thought about this question, but her brain never came up with what seemed like the right answer. She felt like it was wearing a smooth path through the forest of her mind, but the path wasn't leading anywhere...just further into the forest. 


So she decided to consult three wise leaders for help. One was an oracle who taught her to trust her intuition and see how the light from her own magic cards also illuminated other seekers' gifts.


Another was a wizard who taught her the secrets of using imagination and stories to bypass the castle guards and pinpoint the small, strong, clear voice of the unicorn, who had been patiently waiting in the garden all along for her turn to be heard.


The last leader was a sage who did not lecture, but only asked questions. Through his questions, the girl--who was now a grown woman--learned more about herself and what she truly thought (and wanted) than she'd ever been able to figure out by simply wandering through that forest in her mind all alone.


Now that woman is smiling, waiting for you,  hand outstretched to take you on the same journey she embarked upon so many years ago...but now, she knows the shortcut. Let's get you out of the forest and head over the hill -- the castle is just on the other side!


With a Guided Journey Into Your Heart

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