What is the Great Decide?

Go deep into your intuition to finally know the answer

These are the types of issues that you feel like you should be able to figure out on your own...but every time you think about your problem, you feel overwhelmed and even fearful.

You’ve been spinning your wheels, stuck in the mud of your quandary, unable to move forward, but knowing if you stay where you are even one more day you’ll sink deeper in the pit. It’s a kind of suffering, and the longer you stay stuck the more drained and hopeless you feel.


You’ve thought about turning to an advisor, a coach, a counselor, even a psychic, anyone who can tell you what you should do.


Well, I have some bad news for you. But I also have some amazing news!


The bad news is that no one but you can know what’s best for you. Not your spouse, not your best friend, not a coach or counselor. They can give advice, they can offer their opinions, and they can even tell you outright what they think you should do -- but as you probably already know, nothing that’s decided upon by someone else will be the right decision for you.


There’s a reason that the professional life coach is there to guide a person’s development through introspection, envisioning the future, and taking actionable steps toward their desired outcomes, rather than just telling you outright what they think you should do.


There’s a little more bad news, though -- the coaching process, while effective, can take a long time. It’s expensive. It’s a lot of hard work, too; the best life and career coaches assign a significant amount of homework.


With a coach, you meet weekly for 45 or 60 minutes, paying several hundred dollars per session, and you usually have several hours of thinking, writing, pondering, and action-taking assignments in between sessions. You will take great strides in your personal and professional development, for sure, but you need to be committed and patient, have a significant financial investment available, and you also need to have the ability to freely access your hopes, dreams, fears, and opportunities.


What happens if you need to make a change NOW? What happens if you don’t have the several thousand dollars it can cost to work with a good professional coach? What happens if you haven’t developed the skills to be able to effectively look into your own heart and mind and clearly and confidently state them to your coach?


That’s where my amazing news comes in. I’ve developed a unique and powerful approach to getting people unstuck. I take my professional training from two separate International Coaching Federation (ICF)-accredited courses, and blend in additional professional development I’ve done in hypnotherapy, neuroscience, interviewing, and developing my sense of intuitive communication.

What could take months, I am now able to help people with in an hour or two.

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