How Does This Actually Work?

The Great Decide brings freedom from the suffering caused by long-standing indecision.


Your result is the ability to make a decision in less than 2 hours regarding something that you've been stuck on for a year or more, and thereby freeing your mind and heart from the burden of despair over not knowing what the right path forward is. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a 90-minute “Decide” phone appointment with me.

  2. Prior to our meeting, I’ll send you a simple set of questions to help me know where your area of concern or question is. (You don’t need to be able to actually write your issue down; simply knowing if you have a work or relationship or life purpose question will help me prepare for our meeting.) I'll ask you a few short questions about your personality, your values, and what might be blocking your decision. Don't worry! It's a fast, friendly form, no psychoanalyzing or stress.

  3. About 5-10 minutes prior to our scheduled time, get settled into a comfortable position in a place where you won’t be disturbed for the length of our call.

  4. When we connect, I’ll ask you to briefly describe the issue you’re struggling with. I’ll then take you through some gentle relaxation exercises to release tension and prime your creativity.

  5. We’ll then do some deeper mental relaxation, including scientifically-proven methods to speak with both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind at the same time. You will be entirely alert and aware, but will find your normal apprehensions, blockages, and rationalizations -- the fear-based part of your mind that has not allowed you to access the answer to your issue -- will be easily moved past, and you’ll be able to hear your true self speak. Many people find this to be a joyful and light feeling! Some people are so moved to be able to truly open up that they experience tears; others feel a comfort in speaking that they don’t get to enjoy otherwise.

  6. I will use research-validated motivational interviewing to get a better sense of your worries and conscious/unconscious fears around your issue. I’ll ask some questions -- some are simple, others will be more thought-provoking -- and as you answer, you will start answering your own question.

  7. I’ll continue guiding our conversation until we’ve gotten to a turning point! As you uncover your own answers, you’ll most likely start to feel a tingling, energized feeling. You might feel a light current running through your arms and hands, or suddenly want to jump up and move around (even do a happy dance!)

  8. When we wrap up, I’ll restate what I heard you say your solution is. If it feels exactly right, fantastic! If you feel like it’s on the right track but not quite there, we can delve further into the issue, or book another session to explore more.

  9. Now that you have your true answer, the one spoken to your brain directly from your heart, you are done! You’re ready to move forward with genuine trust in yourself. If you could use a bit of help taking concrete action, you can book a “Conquer” session. During a Conquer session we’ll work out the steps and resources you’ll need to take to reach your goals. Drawing on my training and work as a professional coach, together we’ll outline the milestones and touch points to get you to where you need to be.


That’s it -- nine simple steps, and about an hour and a half, to reach The Great Decide. You can stop the suffering with a “Decide” session for $200. If you’d like to book a follow-up “Conquer” session, it will only be $150 to draft your road map for moving forward.

Please contact me with any questions, clarification, or “will this work for my situation?” scenarios. I would love to speak with you.


I look so forward to helping you move out of the pit of despair from longstanding indecision, and into the light of knowing what your heart and soul truly wants!

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